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"It’s revolutionized our hiring practice. We have such a clear set of core values and processes that recruiting and training has become a totally different game … Last year we had a record year, and I really give the credit to the clarity we got from Traction."

Todd Stricker,

ATS Companies

"Traction helps you make those hard decisions without putting them off, but it also brings great opportunities for your business. This has been, in my career, probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But the most rewarding."

Dani Nichols,


"Before Traction I was the guy who came in at 5:30am every morning while my employees came in hours later. I would stay later and I would work all weekend. Now I spend my time growing my business. My life has completely changed. I’m a lot healthier, mentally and physically."

Dave Hoglund,

ATS Companies

"Before working with our EOS Implementer, we were only focused on the day-to-day problems. Now, that’s reversed. Instead of dealing with the symptoms of our bigger issues, we are dealing with the issues themselves and solving them at the root. And that has made our business more successful."

Jason Sayre,

Platinum Pest Solutions

"We have quarterly Traction meetings with our entire company. The employees love it. They know that every issue is going to be addressed and accounted for. Nothing falls in the cracks."

Mike Panichi,

Platinum Pest Solutions

"In the beginning you just think, 'these goals are so huge!' But with your Implementer you feel 'that’s attainable.' They give you baby steps, stepping stones to get there. You’re not fumbling in the dark. You now have a roadmap."

Thomaie Hilaris,


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