John McMahon

John has a passion for helping companies create cultures that embrace and harness the power of everyone in the business.

Before becoming an EOS® Implementer, John served as the COO and part-owner of a privately-held marketing services company from 2004-2014.  During this time, he worked with senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies including Altria, Kraft Foods, MillerCoors and Remy USA to create comprehensive retail and point-of-purchase marketing solutions that delivered cost-effective results.

John was introduced to EOS in 2012 and experienced its power first-hand. The company had never been as profitable as he and his co-owners wanted it to be. Implementing EOS (with the help of The Traction Group’s Paul Detlefs), he was able to simplify and clarify the vision, build a healthy, cohesive leadership team, and get all 250 people engaged and rowing in the same direction. After years of stagnation, the company increased profitability by more than 3x in less than two years.

Having experienced first-hand the transformational power of EOS, John decided that he would devote the next chapter of his career to helping other owners and leaders achieve the same success. He became a certified EOS Implementer in 2015 and loves helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams learn how to use EOS to overcome their obstacles and get the results they want.

John holds a B.A. in History from the University of Colorado as well as an M.S. in Supply Chain Operations from Elmhurst College. When not helping clients, being with his family, or chasing dogs around the park, he spends his free time skiing, hiking, fishing and cycling. He also is an avid reader with a serious book buying problem, so if you know of a great business or military/political history title please make sure to pass it on.