Bobi Siembieda

Bobi knows that entrepreneurship is the economic engine of our great country, and has a deep passion for the people, ingenuity and innovation that make it work.

An entrepreneur herself, Bobi has worked in, managed, serviced, run and grown entrepreneurial companies for 35+ years. In 1999, she co-founded Thatcher Technology Group, a software company that created a core SaaS platform for companies in the Direct Selling/Network Marketing industry. She became Thatcher’s president in 2002. Under her leadership, Thatcher became a strategic partner to leading companies like The Pampered Chef, whose growth from $40mm to $800mm in revenue in less than 10 years was built on solutions delivered by her team.

Naturally suited to the role of Integrator, Bobi has led large teams of people and managed budgets and schedules, leading to successful implementation of multimillion-dollar technology solutions. She has implemented solutions across multiple industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Professional Services, while working with all levels of her customers’ organizations.

Bobi became an EOS® Implementer in 2012. She has been known to say that she “vibrated” with excitement when she read Traction because from her own experience she understood immediately the benefit EOS would bring to entrepreneurial companies.

The first in her family to go to college, Bobi earned a bachelor’s degree at DePaul University as an adult.  She did that while running her company and achieving her proudest accomplishment—raising three incredible children, Nick, Sean and Kati. Having learned to juggle all of these responsibilities gives her a broader range of insight when working with business owners and their leadership teams.

In addition to working with her clients and spending time with her family, Bobi serves as a mentor for Family Helping Families, an organization that provides apartments and volunteer mentors to homeless families who are working to reclaim their lives through education.